The Second Night

Episode 9

The Millennium Age had returned the past glory to the survived people. Time elapsed was enough in order that hope replaced despair and the “war of the magic stones” became only a bad remembrance. Humanity was returning to the former glory and the reason was one: the “Magic Stones”, that held the power of the old world, had been found in the depths of the earth.

Among them there where some that held a particular power and was called “true magic stones”. One of them was possessed by a young king that lived in the Light Palace, and thanks to it the kingdom flourished. But from the sky someone was looking down worried for the situation. The continuous use of the magic stones was carrying the world to the disaster. 

Over the years the power of the seal that locked up the ancient enemies could weaken and someone already had perceived that the inauspicious omen was coming true.

One of them was Kaguya, the shining princess of the moon. She sensed that the seal she had created was weakened and went to the Light Palace to warning the king and his people about the danger. To increase the strength of her words, she colored the moon of red, so that its crimson light became a warning for all the people of the earth.

The other one that understood the meaning of what was happening was a girl wearing a little red hood, like the main character of the fairy tale. But this girl was surrounded by a strange aura, like if her existence itself wasn't real. “Well…I have to save this world…eheheh, it’s not a lie!” Then she too went to the Light Palace in response to her purpose to “save” the world.

You know well this part of the story: prince Grimm left the palace to go to defeat Dracula, the vampire. He did it, but he paid an high price and was sealed into the damned book.

Then the lie of Little Red was revealed and the real one awakened. Meanwhile  Grimm’s sister, Lumia, was warned by Alice – the girl coming from Wonderland – about what happened to her brother and she decided to go to the castle in the sky. During her trip she faced Abdul, the one who wanted to awake the Chtulhu, and lost all her powers.

In the same moment, at the Flying Castle, the two Little Red were facing in a fierce battle that was consuming the power that had kept the huge building suspended till then. So the castle started to fall down to the earth. The real Little Red absorbed all the power of the castle and Fiethsing, while Little Dread launched her final attack.

Because of that, the last lie was released and she revealed her true form.

A Black Moon appeared suddenly low in the sky and in that moment the resurrection of the invaders from Out World and their servant, began. That dimension enveloped by chaos, drew its power from the energy stolen from this world, weakening it more and more.

While Pandora was protecting inside her the hope of Lumia and Grimm, on the moon the preparations for the return of Kaguya were completed. The shining princess was ready to move towards the final battle. But somewhere else a new changing was happening. The real Little Red had transferred all her power into Fiethsing, one of the true magic stones that contained the essence of the Six Sages.

These stones had an immense power and when the flying castle – that had collected this magic power for millennia – was destroyed, a great wave of energy devastated everything around it and swept away all. When the wind stopped, a girl appeared in the middle.

“Where the…?” Her name was Fiethsing, the Magus of Holy Wind and she was one of the Sages that fought for the salvation of the world. Listening to the wind, she immediately understood what was happening. “Mmmmh…so it's what happened. Familiar of Wind, call Kaguya! And then…could you carry me some clothes and a hat?”

To be continued in Scheherazade’s story「The Last night」