The Sun and the Moon

Episode 90

This world was formed eons ago by the high gods of ancient Valhalla. The gods chose proxies and placed them inside this world, having them fight in their stead. Each god had their reasons for doing so, whether it be to settle disputes or for pure entertainment, and granted their proxies a piece of their divinity. Those proxies continued to fight with no end, until…

The Present day, where only ten of the original proxies remain...

Keeping her eyes on the horizon, Brunhild waited for the break of dawn. By her side stood her dependable, battle-hardened valkyries, followed by the ranks of faithful soldiers she would soon lead into battle. Brunhild remembered back to near the start of this world. There were many nations back then, each vying for control of the lands. 

But as time came to pass, only the strongest remained. Looking back on her army, Brunhild saw soldiers she was proud to call her own. Acting as commander while Lord Odin was absent, Brunhild had led these now-veteran soldiers into countless fights and often victoriously so. 

Victory was only natural, for Lord Odin had granted her people nigh-invulnerability for as long as the sun shone overhead, as well as the ability to rejoin the battle from beyond death. Dawn would arrive soon. Brunhild’s mind began to race as adrenaline coursed through her. For what reasons do people go to war? Is it for honor, for glory? 

To know peace? Revenge? Or is there no greater reason at all? Brunhild smiled. 

She didn’t  know about the others, but her aspiration was clear. To present nothing less than the world to her lord when he inevitably returned. “All units, forward!”

Atom Seikhart mulled over his notes as he drank tea in his garden. 

His recent research on rune categorization had reached a breakthrough, proving there may perhaps be a viable method to utilize runes of different attributes. As he continued to ponder, a mysterious figure approached him from behind, before pouncing on his back. “Boo!” Came the voice came from behind.

Atom annoyedly turned around to find a girl with a rather fluffy pair of ears. “Ayu, I’m rather busy right now. Go find someone else to play with.” Atom dismissed. “Teehee!” Ayu said abashedly, before taking a seat at the table with Atom.

It had been months since Atom last saw Ayu. She was the type to come and go at a moment’s notice, sometimes returning with souvenirs from foreign lands or wearing strange clothes from other cultures. 

He used to worry about her in the long absences, but after a hundred years he grew used to it. A hundred years ago. Around the same time he made a deal with the wind sage. “So, whatcha doing?” Ayu inquired. “...Research on runes.” “Oh... Cool, cool...” Ayu responded disinterestedly. A silence fell between the two, allowing Atom to momentarily return to his notes.

“Hey, hey, you ever get the weird feeling like someone is watching you?” Ayu inquired once more. “sigh...I do in fact,” Atom replied without looking up from his notes, “Like right now for example.” “Really!... Oh. That’s what you mean. Jeez, you’re no fun!” Ayu responded dejectedly. “Anywayyyy, like I was saying, I feel like someone’s watching me lately.”

“Are we still continuing this?... Well Ayu, you are pretty conspicuous.” “I mean like when nobody's around.”

“Then it’s just your imagination.” Atom said matter-of-factly. “What are you here for anyway?” “Oh yeah! Super important. We have strangers from outside coming.” “Hmm?” Atom looked up from his notes, before hopping up to his feet. “Tsk, is it that blasted Brunhild again? She never learns to give up.” 

While the angels Zeus sent to guard Lunar Heaven would likely be enough, Atom prefered to be on the battlefield fighting against Brunhild himself.

The city of Lunar Heaven has been at war with Minerva for centuries. 

But the feud between Atom and Brunhild has gone on even longer, spanning since the time of ancient Valhalla. 

Atom still vividly recalled the old world where he fought against Brunhild, a mere shieldmaiden in Odin’s army at the time. “No, no, not Brunhild! People from outside this world. People like me. Wanderers.” At that moment, a young girl walked into the garden. “Excuse me, has an odd looking cat passed by here?” the girl asked politely.