Valhalla folklore and the world of the miniature garden-Magna's memoir

Episode 91

A long time ago, there was a place where the gods gathered, called Valhalla. Valhalla prospered by the power of the gods and was full of life. Among them, the ten gods with great power were called the main gods. They were worshiped, they ruled their territories, and eventually their power grew large enough to support the world of Valhalla itself. 

But at one point, one of the gods said, "Who is the strongest of us?" And all the gods answered that question, "It would be me." That was the beginning of the war that never ended. The gods continued to fight with their respective armies. The battles never ended, but the power of the gods was never exhausted and never perished, and so the war continued without end. 

However, the war still took a toll on the world of Valhalla. The power of the original God who supported the world of Valhalla eventually was called to the battle, and that conflict started the collapse of Valhalla. My god Zeus said, "At this rate, Valhalla will disappear, but no one will accept the loss, and the gods are too arrogant and arrogant to admit anything other than themselves. 

Magna, do you have a plan or good solution? " I came up with one idea. “If Valhalla's fate is exhausted as it is, why not combine the powers of the main gods to create a world similar to this world and wage a proxy war there even God does not know what will happen. 

If they all accept, then each god can appoint an agent, and move the battle to that world. The winner of the proxy war will have their god deemed the strongest of Valhalla, and an arrangement be made so that they may rule this world.

All the Lord gods accepted my proposal. The newly created world of the miniature garden was divided into ten territories, reflecting the power of each god. There, the agent created and sent by God came to rule. They were given a mission, to fight the other forces and keep fighting until they are destroyed. By nature, they were bound by an inescapable destiny.

With the creation of the new world, it seemed peace came to Valhalla .... However, the agent’s endowed with the power of the gods were stronger than I first thought, and so the war simply continued unceasing in a new place. No agent could truly best the other, and so the main gods became less interested in the world of the miniature garden. 

In their boredom they began fighting among themselves again, and war returned to Valhalla. With this reborn conflict, the collapse of Valhalla was all but assured. With the decisive intervention of the giant, the war of Valhalla would come to an end without a victor.

Zeus, my god, said again, "Even if Valhalla collapses, our power will not be completely lost. After the collapse, the powers of the ten gods, including me, will part, creating their respective worlds, and fall asleep there. But in the distant future, I believe  there will be something to bring back with the power of God. 

A returnee with the power of God. And there will be a vessel for the world of miniature garden to accept the return of that power. When those two meet, our resurrection will be assured My god predicted that the power of God would return to the world of the miniature garden. Even now, the god's agents in the world of miniature garden is bound by fate and continues to fight for their god. 

Some may no longer even remember the purpose of their fight, but even after Valhalla is gone, they continue the war. However, when Valhalla collapses and the vessel for the God’s power is born into the world of the miniature garden, then I believe their world shall become.. A new "Valhalla".