Ayu's Valhalla Memorandum-New Valhalla Tourist Information

Episode 92

The moon was floating in the sky of Valhalla. Every time I see it, I feel strange. And now I remember that the equilibrium of this world is kept in jeopardy. Oops, let's introduce myself first. My name is Ayu. I was born 100 years ago. My parents, no, that’s not right, umm… The head family? Anyway, I was born in this world as Kaguya's alter ego.

Kaguya ran out of power and fell asleep (now she is in the moon in the sky) in a battle with an invader vampire 100 years ago when she came to this world. She created her alter ego as a watcher of this world.  Kaguya came to this world with the divine power of time spinning, but even so, it was only possible to seal him rather than defeat him, so he was really formidable.

I was born with Kaguya running out of power, so I have only some background knowledge and a little mysterious power in this world. 

Considering that this world is extremely dangerous, it is a really annoying story. But even if I complain, it doesn't change anything. Like a card game, I have no choice but to live with the cards dealt. By the way, I wasn't born by spitting eggs out of Kaguya’s mouth like the Great Demon King, but I was born of bamboo (it's a style!). 

And wind rumors (heard 100 years ago from Fiethsing before falling asleep) say I've done a lot of things in the past, but that's just bad Kaguya. I'm not bad or anything! A child just resembles a parent. Now I will have to explain that I am reborn and have nothing to do with those in the past. Well wait... who am I talking to?

Anyway, this time I will guide you through this new Valhalla to the best of my knowledge. As you may know, Valhalla was originally a land of many gods. The gods started a war, which was about to destroy Valhalla itself, so he created this world of the miniature garden and tried to resolve the quarrel in a proxy war. 

If you want to quarrel with God's habits, I think you shouldn't get together, but if God is alone, they may die lonely……No, you guys are rabbits! After all, even after creating this world, God began to fight too, and it seems that the power of God fell apart and scattered. The original Valhalla has disappeared, but this world of the miniature garden has survived and is now called Valhalla. 

To make a distinction, this world can be called the new Valhalla. Well, Valhalla has been relatively peaceful for the last 100 years (well, I only know about the last 100 years). So, as a watcher, I also looked around this world ... I soon got tired of it, and spent most of my time in the sun and moon just watching. eh? 

Work hard? …… Well, that doesn't mean I didn't do anything. For the time being, I have traveled around this world as far as I can go, so this time I would like to introduce the 10 forces that exist in Valhalla. Well then, let’s get started with the beginning of Ayu's Valhalla tourist information, Here we go!!

First of all, the country where I was born is Luna Haven. It is led by the strange rabbit Atom Seikhart. Once attacked by a vampire, Atom flies to another world when he is about to perish, and scouts Kaguya and Fiethsing. He got out of the crisis by bringing them here and letting them fight. 

At that time, the vampire was sealed, but Kaguya and Fiethsing also ran out of power and fell asleep to the moon in the sky. Now, being watched by the moon and angels, the rabbits are living in peace.

And the neighboring country, Minerva. It is a force that worships the sun. 

The moon and the sun seem to be close, and they are not on good terms. Partly because the battle is destined, they are just fighting with neighboring countries. Atom didn't say anything, but my appearance contains a rabbit element, and that makes me seem to be an enemy from the eye of Minerva people. 

When I secretly visited Minerva, I was chased by a war maiden named Brunhild and ran away like a rabbit. I'm not proud, but I'm good at running away!

Next we headed to Sandora, a desert country a little further away. 

It is dominated by the transcendents, led by Isis, who have divided the power of God beyond humans. They are a resilient combative force because they live in a harsh environment. When I stepped into this world, I was hit by a sandstorm, and the sand got caught in my eyes so I ran away. What if my eyes turn red?

Kunlun is even deeper than Sandora. There seems to be a king called Fuxi on the mountain. 

I’'m not good at high places, so I just talked to the villagers at the foot of the mountain. A tiger attacked me while I was listening and I ran away quickly, so I didn't hear much about it. What I understand is that there are dangerous creatures such as tigers and dragons jumping on Kunlun. It's a difficult environment for rabbits to live.

Also, on a clear day, if you look up at the sky, there is something up there. You can see a big flying object, which is the city called Sky Round where machines live. 

I can only think of a robot dance as a way to interact with machines, but Atom said they are working with their own ideas. I can't think of a way to reach there now. I wish I could ride a big whale.

There are places where Atom told me not to go and travel. That is the Forest of The Lost, Misty Woods. There are rumors that witches live here and cook and eat what gets lost in the mist. 

Well, I think most scary stories have tail fins. Fear is a common trick that makes the place even more scary. If you're not afraid, there's nothing wrong with it! Oh yeah, I was asked to go into the forest with mysterious children with hollow eyes around the Forest of The Lost, Misty Woods. They creeped me out, so I ran away with a dash of course!

On the contrary, even if I got lost by chance, Kouga is the safe place I can return. 

It was a country with a mysterious atmosphere, with many cats called "ninja" who mastered their quick movements and techniques There are also a lot of ghosts and evil looking spirits there too! There seems to be a custom of entertaining guests here, and I received hospitality because it seemed I fit in their world. I got a lot of dumplings and I felt it's a very nice country. Hmm? No, it wasn’t just because they gave me food!

By the way, there is also a land that is undeveloped and unexplored region as an exception in this relatively continuous world. It is an isolated island that I call Lost Isles. 

There seems to be a cute but ferocious race called the Mimi tribe living there. They value primitive power and rituals, and it is said that old customs still remain. If I went, I would probably be nicely baked and eaten ... Also, rabbits can’t cross the sea, so I decided to visit there some other time.

From here, let's introduce two more dangerous places, the first is Ruins of Neverending Rain, Rainruins. 

It is a land where it rains continuously, and it is said to be the tears of fallen angels. Just being there in a place full of sadness makes me feel depressed. Being depressed isn’t a really good look on me, so I don’t have a plan to go back!

And finally, the bottomless big hole, The Abyss. 

The bottomless large hole was suddenly born 100 years ago, and it seems that immortals have revived from there. It's completely horrifying, and I'm not very good at horror, so I don’t ever want to go near it! I want to avoid being chased by zombies!

Well ok , so I haven't been to the last country at all, right? 

As I said at the beginning, I spent most of my time in the sun and watching the moon, so it can't be helped. Besides, it's more fun to know a lot about the world, even if you can’t visit! Oh yeah, in retrospect, it's been almost 100 years since Kaguya and her parties sealed the vampire. 

Time flies like an arrow, it seems to be a long time ago, but time passes quickly. The moon in the sky hasn't changed thought. OH I JUST REMEMBERED, Kaguya and Fiethsing said "The validity of our seal is about 100 years." I wonder what that means... The moon was shining beautifully today, and Valhalla was peaceful as it was ... Oh, Whats that?