Ayu's Valhalla Memorandum-Endless Prologue

Episode 96

And Valhalla collapsed as Loki expected, the world disappeared, and Loki became the pinnacle of the gods with the rebirth. Congratulations, this story closes with a happy ending…. Wait a minute! We don't want to congratulate Loki for destroying everything! Don’t fret though, this is a fact in one historical story.

In other words, in one history, the new Valhalla has died. However, what is being told from now on is a different history. Remember the last time that happened? That’s Right!. The answer is Re-Earth reorganized by Kaguya's "Time Spinning".

In other words, Oborozuki's aim was to make the inevitable collapse not happen by using "Time Spinning" and reorganize the history of Valhalla, and try to stop Loki's plans. However, there were a number of problems. For example, the power of "Time Spinning" couldn’t be noticed by Loki, and since enormous magical power is required to activate 

"Time Spinning" in this world, it was necessary to build up the power for a long time, all without letting Loki know. To solve this, Oborozuki attacked Lunar Haven 100 years ago and had Atom bring Kaguya. Then, while fighting, she intentionally made them seal her for 100 years. By doing so, it became possible to hide her existence from Loki and secretly store magical power.

However, it was not the rabbit that could oppose a God, but had to be another God. That was another problem because Kaguya was not a God, despite having the power of Time Spinning. For this issue Obozruki had to take a little gamble, and it paid off. Some of the former Gods were aware of Loki’s plot, such Zeus, and he divided his power and entrusted it to Alice. 

Through that inheritance, she gained the throne of the Lord God, and so was able to wield the power to stop Loki without destroying New Valhalla.

And, just before the collapse of Valhalla, Kaguya woke up under the brilliance of the moon, with the activation of the power of "time spinning " by Oborozuki. 

However, Kaguya woke up not in Luna Haven, but in The Village of the Spirited Away, Kouga "Oh, my goodness, what is… I’m covered with cats!" I can’t believe this is what her first words after waking up were! I would have wanted her to say "Eureka" like a great person! Well, even if she becomes a god, I guess Kaguya's personality remains the same.You think that doesn’t matter? 

Oh well, fair point. In any case, Bastet, the main god of Kouga and the main god of cats, entrusted Kaguya with the position of main god. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, the power of "time spinning" seems to be the power of Zeus's "creation", and it is said that Bastet's succession of the throne of the main God to Kaguya includes Zeus's intention, 

but I didn’t know that at the time So the power of the Gods was slightly back, but because the original power of Valhalla, where the gods gathered, was so enormous, that if all that power came flooding back and combined New Valhalla would have been destroyed, so it had to be limited to only come back a little at a time.

Even with that limited amount, it was helping distort Loki's plan a little.

However it has not yet been a fundamental solution. If all the gods are resurrected and it causes war, Valhalla will collapse. Therefore, Oborozuki decided to reduce the number of power forces present. If 10 power compete for the weight of their existence, they will tilt in various directions, it will be impossible to balance them, and the world itself will be destroyed. 

However, with two forces, it is easy to balance as long as the forces are even. Then, using the inheritance of God, Oborozuki urged those who had "things to protect" to form a force against Loki. Alice, Nyarlathotep, Athenia (Oborozuki seems to have given the power of the main god to her, instead of herself), and Kaguya inherited the power of the main god and became a team to fight together. 

Oh yeah, it's rumored that Nyarlathotep ate and absorbed the main God, but I'm scared to ask her if it's true. Then Loki encouraged the opposition to also make a team to fight against them. This is to prevent the balance from tilting to either side. Among the resurrected main gods, Loki, Odin, Genshi Tenson, Shiva, and Satan, who wish to be ruled by God, became one force.

For some reason, Machina seems to have offered to help Alice and others, but he may also agree that he doesn't want to be controlled. Even though it's a machine, he's a pretty nifty guy. In this way, the main gods of Valhalla were set up "5 vs 5". With this both sides were in equilibrium, and the world was quiet. 

If any action was taken, the other side would easily rise up to match them and restore the balance. To that end Valhalla was avoiding the war, by being in a never ending war where no one could act! But, of course, you're wise to think that many questions remain. Who would Oborozuki be if not one of the 5 forces? 

Especially if she foresaw the collapse of Valhalla and took steps to stop it? In my opinion ... I don't know at all, but I wonder if she has something to protect. However, the day to know it should come soon, because our Kaguya will be able to approach the mystery. ……maybe. Well, wait… who am I talking to again? Ayu, lost in her thoughts, drifted off to sleep.