Epilogue - Hidden history, a new journey

Episode 97

"Faria! It's a customer, Faria! Your friends ---!" From a distance, Faria could hear Pricia’s voice. After coming back from her adventure, Pricia began to report loudly, but the content of the report was the same as always, so it was just loud noise to Faria’s ears. Speaking of Alice, it's had been a few days since she went looking for Schrodinger, but she hasn't returned. 

On the contrary, Schrodinger, who should have been lost, had returned to this world before we knew it. Alice wasn't with him, but he did have a letter from Alice tied around his neck. Faria read the letter out loud. “Hi, Everyone, I'm involved in a little trouble and I can't get home soon (though it may be a little time in your world), so if someone comes to you from here in the near future, then please properly listen to their story.”

P.S. I temporarily took away Schrodinger's magical power and sent it to you so that it cannot do bad things, so please take care of it! " Certainly Schrodinger is just like a black cat. Originally it was like a curse that changed Alice into darkness instead of giving power, but now it was just a cute little cat. Faria was feeling nostalgic, so she willingly stroked its chin. 

And, as Alice wrote, it seemed that someone had indeed come already, much to Faria’s surprise. "Who is it, Pricia? Report it in an easy-to-understand manner." "Don't be surprised! Ta-da!!" It was Kaguya who appeared with Pricia's shout. "Hahaha ..., you have been waiting for me for hundreds of years, but I am resurrected, the DEMON KING” Kaguya said in an attempted menacing voice.

"Hehe it's been a long time, Kaguya" Faria responded as she smiled "Ah, ah, ah, Kaguya !!" Charlotte exclaimed as she jumped through the air and gave Kaguya a big hug. Kaguya slumped as she realized no one was going to respond to her joke. . Kaguya told them all about her trip to Valhalla with the power of "time spinning" at Re-Earth, and about the current situation in Valhalla. 

It seems that Alice has become the main god and is involved in big trouble as always. "By the way, this is like an avatar, and my main body is in" Valhalla ". "So Alice is in trouble. What do you want to ask us to do then?" "Faria, you understand it all so well, before I even asked!" "Haha, well’ it’s because you bothered to come here, so you must need some help!”

"Some forces are secretly moving to upset the balance of the world of 'Valhalla'. We can't move in 'Valhalla' because of the balance, so I want Faria to help solve that situation for us" "Yes we can do that, but there is too little information to go on right now." "Yeah, well I can help with that, So I’m going to tell you some other stories to bring you up to speed! 

It's a story of what happened in history before it was reorganized by " time spinning ". It is the truth I learned by knowing the learning history of the past with this power "time spinning", and by becoming a god and gaining the power to deeply unravel those histories. Kaguya cast magic and produced many books from the air. Each was like a historical journal.

"This is a book that describes each hidden history, "Regalia and Valhalla", "Invasion of the God Dragon Ragnarok", and" First Magic Stone War.” “Well if you are ready, let’s get started!”

Before Kaguya could start though, Faria heard, snoring behind her, She turned and saw it belonged to Pricia, too tuckered out from her adventure report, and Charlotte, who had fallen to sleep after crying so much over Kaguya’s return. "Haha, it can't be helped. I'll listen to it alone and tell them later. Wait… no...Someone else is here".

"Can you tell me that story?" a voice asked, stepping into the shop “You’ve come at a good time ... Gill Lapis" "Oh, I felt the extraordinary power from kaguya so I came right away. My mother told me to be ready, because a messenger with the power of the moon may come from another world someday."

"From Reiya? Then this does have something to do with you, is it ok if he listens as well Kaguya?” "Of course, it's rather convenient, as the first thing I'll talk about has something to do with Faria and the original Gil Lapis anyway, so let's get started." "About the story of Magna and his regalia that flowed to Attoractia due to the collapse of Valhalla." To Be Continued to "Alice Origin"