Prologue Folklore of Meteor

Episode 98

A meteor flows, and as it flies it leaves a streak of light that lingers in the night sky. It was almost as if an arrow was shooting through the heavens. For a long time, many meteors have been seen in Attoractia. 

Then, one day, people began to whisper that the fantastic sight was both auspicious and dangerous. In some places, the arrow of light of a meteor is said to be an exorcising arrow that dispels darkness and disasters, and in other places, it is said to be a demon messenger who misleads people's hearts and makes them insane.

Many people were skeptical about the truth of the meteor,, but there was no doubt that something strange would happen after the meteor was seen. A magical tool with mysterious power was found, and a mysterious ability was sometimes manifested in those who saw the meteor.

At first, people considered them a gift from God, a good one. However, those who were fascinated by power often conflicted with others due to madness, and those who could not control their power often fell ill. This was how the Meteor came to be known as both a source of good, and a source for evil. If you think about it now, that should be natural. 

Power is not something that everyone can handle, especially if it is truly the power of God. When this meteor began to fall in this world, a mage awoke in this world. He had come from Valhalla, where the kingdom of God used to be.