Lenneth, a priest without memory

Episode 99

There was a woman looking up at the night when a meteor flowed through the sky. Where does the meteor come from and where does it go? The trajectory remains in the sky for a moment, but the meteor falls somewhere, and when you notice it, it’s already vanished from the sky.

The meteor reminded her of herself She had lost all memories except that her name was Lenneth. She looks at the sky and tries to remember her memory. However, no one tells her where the meteor fell or helps her to recover her memory.

For example, there was something like this. "Boohoo" A boy in the village cried "What's wrong?" Lenneth asked.

"My, my ..." "Looking for this?" "Oh, my toy!" As soon as she handed over the toy, the boy stopped crying and smiled. "Will you be ok?" "Yeah! Thank you! Lenneth! Oh, but how did you know I was looking for a toy?" "Well, it's all over your face, your heart shows on your face." "I see"

The boy had left the toy in the playground. She saw the memory, searched for it, and handed him the toy. She could tell that he was happy to have his toy returned She came to think that the loss of memory was related to this power. There is no unreasonable power, but as long as there is power, there must be some reason. Is this mysterious power for anything? 

She thought there must be a reason for her life, and why she had this power. . That hunch was confirmed when a magic tool like wand was discovered and brought into the village. It was later called regalia, a sacred treasure that only responded to those with a sovereign vessel or similar special powers.

The wand, which did not react to anyone else, shone in response when Lenneth touched it. 

When the lights overlapped like a spiral and enveloped her, she had a glimpse of the memory of the magic tool and her future. The source of this power was Vell-Savaria, far beyond the mountains. She sensed that the reason for her power and the memory are there. Lenneth decided to leave alone and leave the village early in the morning so that no one could see her. "Lenneth!"

It was the boy she handed the toy to. "What's wrong?" "That's my line! Because you're going on a trip, right? I've been waiting!" "Why did you know?" "You told me that your heart shows on your face? Well I’ve been looking  at people's faces and started wondering what they were thinking, what they were feeling, what they want me to do. 

So, when I saw you, you were always lonely, so I thought there might be someone you had to meet. " "……I see" Lenneth looks at the boy. The child who had once been such a crybaby had grown into a fine young man. She can tell by looking at his face without having a glimpse of the memory. "So take this!"

The boy handed her the wand that was brought into the village. "The wand didn't shine when people in the village had it, and I don't think it would be good if someone other than you had it. I'll tell everyone properly about this! It's okay, don't worry!" The boy smiled, but Lenneth could see past his lie. 

In his memory, she saw that he was trying to pretend he didn't know what happened after telling everyone that someone must have stolen it. The boy looked like he was sure he was doing the right thing. Motivated by the boys actions, She recalls the glimpse of her future, and decides to do what she needs to do, no matter what the consequences. "Do your best!"

Seen off by just one boy, she heads for Vell-Savaria.