Aristella and Chevaleresse

Episode 130

During the celebration of Aristella's crowning as King of the Twelve Sacred Knights, a marauder from Solaris appeared. Aristella, in desperate need of help, transformed into the "Fairy Tale King" with the help of the water moon and fends off the Gear's attack. He was aided by the phantoms that appeared from the light of the fantastic moon.

Two of the attackers had fled, but one was still lying there. What is the purpose of these Gears? Aristella felt the need to find out. He needed to know if they were a major threat to the Twelve Sacred Knights and to Cocoon.

"Well, well, it looks like 'Gears' are really starting to kick into action. Well, all I can do now is lend you a little of this power." "Oh well, let it be. It's the way it's always been." "Yeah, yeah." Two people and an apparition were talking. 

There were so many questions he wanted to ask them, but they said, "We don't have much power left, see you later," and disappeared without a trace. In the end, all he could understand was that this machine with autonomous will was called "Gears".

"I guess I'll just have to find out for myself." Aristella went to one of the attackers, which had collapsed. Just as his hand was about to touch the machine's body however, 

the "Gears" that was supposed to be down suddenly began to move. It had been pretending to be destroyed, waiting for Aristella to let his guard down and approach. And just as the blade extending from its hand was about to pierce Aristella's body, a single sword glinted and severed its mechanical hand.

"--  ---------!!!!!!" The machine screamed, inaudible, and leaped up into the sky, fleeing away. "Aristella, didn't your mother ever teach you not to let your guard down Inadvertently?" A female swordsman stood there. A smart, dynamic figure, familiar, and on her way out.

"Chevaleresse.”" Chevaleresse. She was Aristella's childhood friend. "I had sent out invitations, but since I hadn't heard back, I assumed you wouldn't be coming. I'm glad to see you're doing well." "Invitation? I just came back to this country and dropped by to see what all the fuss was about...oh well, I guess it's your coming of age ceremony now."

"What have you been doing? Well, since..." Aristella suddenly felt uncomfortable asking his question.. Chevaleressewas the daughter of a woman who had once been Aristella's teacher. For this reason, they used to play together when they were young, and they also trained together in swordsmanship. 

One day, however, her teacher went after Dexia, who had been taken away, and did not return. Then, although Chevaleresse was depressed, she somehow regained her energy. Perhaps she had been driven out of a desire to make her mother, who had done so much for her country, proud.

Then, saying that she wanted to see the world, Chevaleresseleft the country some years ago. "I've been looking around the world. The world is still very big, and there are still many secrets, and I'm learning little by little, but I'm learning a lot. So I came back here, and it just so happened that you were celebrating your coming of age."

"You didn't come back for my celebration?" "Don't be smug." "I'm sorry." "Well, I guess I was a little bit afraid it might be that time of year." "I see. Well, thank you ...... for that." Aristella said shyly. As he looked, he saw that Chevaleresse was holding a piece of "Gears" that had fled.

"Now, what is this ...... one?" "I don't know. I need to know what attacked me. For the sake of the world." "Then you should go to Eternal. The scientists there have been studying the secrets of this world. In fact, it was one of the Eternal's researchers who discovered that mechanized beings had infiltrated this world.

Sadly he was attacked by someone and died, but I heard that he has a grandson who has taken over his research." "So you're saying that if I take this Gears there, I might be able to find out something?" "Yes. I think it's a good idea. You should see the world too Aristella. I have something to do there, too, and I will show you around."

"Thank you, that's reassuring. I've never beaten you with a sword before." "You are still just too weak. I wish Dexia were here." "Yes, but I still believe that somewhere out there Dexia is alive." After saying this, Aristella went back to his castle to prepare.

"The world is a big place. There was so much I wanted to know, Aristella, but there was also so much I didn't want to know." Chevaleressemuttered.