Eternal, Artificial Archipelago

Episode 130

Eternal is a city of advanced science. In addition to humans, there are also small, cute creatures walking around. "Those are the Mumu Tribe. They used to live on a nearby island, but since the exchange, many of them have been working here. They are known for their hard work, so there are a lot of people who use them as assistants." "Is that so?"

"But not all of them are like that. There are many different kinds of Mumu. "What do you mean?" "There are extremists who say they should not live with humans, moderates who say they should go hand in hand with humans, and isolationists who say they should live on their own." "It's like ...... human society."

"Well, that's true. But the lab where we are taking the Gears is just down the road. The researcher's name is Falchion, the grandson of a well-known researcher. I guess there is such a thing as good genetics.” "All right, let's go check it out." "Oh, I have to go to the theater for a while, so you'll have to go by yourself, Aristella."

"Theater?" "Yes, I'm a fan of this mermaid called the Diva. I'm here to see her, so I'll see you when I'm done with my business. " Chevaleresse headed for the theater, humming a song. Aristella was on his way to the institute when he heard a cry. "Somebody, somebody help!" Ahead, a child was about to be taken away by a giant monstrous bird. 

Upon closer inspection, the bird showed signs of having been mechanized. Aristella moved quickly, but the bird took to the sky, and there was nothing Aristella could do. "Help, Justice!" Child's mother shouted. Aristella knew the name Justice. He had seen the poster on the way into the city. 

Justice, the Eternal Hero. It said that when the mysterious hero found someone in trouble, he would come flying from somewhere, so if something was wrong, if there was nothing to be done, people would call out Justice's name and call for help.

A hero called Justice would come to the rescue, could such a thing really happen? It certainly happened. A human-shaped flying object flew in from the distant sky at great speed, and in the blink of an eye Justice rescued a child from a bird that was about to take the child away. Then he returned the child to the mother and flew away.

"Thank you, Justice!" Such voices were echoing with cheers. After that ruckus had ended, Aristella arrived at the institute. where He was greeted by an assistant, the Mumu, who asked, "Do you have anything for Dr. Falchion?" "Yes, I have something I need him to take a look at."

"Yes, excuse me, but do you have any identification?" Aristella showed him his ID card, which is only for the royal family of the Twelve Sacred Knights. It was a pendant with the royal crest engraved on it.

"I am so glad that you have come all the way here. The doctor has just returned from an outing, so please wait a moment."

While waiting, Aristella drank the tea that was served to him. "It is delicious." "This is Mumu tea from my home island. It is very good for your health. Ah, it looks like the doctor is ready. Please come into the laboratory." When Aristella entered the laboratory, he saw a man in research clothes.

"Welcome, I am Falchion. So, what is it you want to show me?"" Aristella took out a mechanical hand from his luggage. It was a piece of "Gears" that had attacked Aristella. "This is "Gears"?" "You know about this?" "Where did you get this?" "It's part of the assailant that attacked me. 

The attack took place in the capital of the Twelve Sacred Knights." "Well, they've gone as far as ...." "I believe that this " Gears " is the same as the one that attacked the Twelve Sacred Knights in the past. You have been studying Gears in this country, and we have heard about the tragic events that took place. ...... It was your grandfather. Can you tell me what you know about it?"

Falchion turned back and thought for a moment, then nodded and turned to Aristella. "Okay, I trust you. My grandfather studied Gears and was attacked and killed by the Solari Punisher during his research. So I've been cautious, but I know I'll need my comrades to help me on the road ahead." "Thank you." And with that, Falchion began his story.