Departure to the underworld

Episode 133

"Aristella! Did you finish your business on that side?" Aristella joined Chevaleresse on her way back from the theater. "Yes, but i’ll join up with you next time, I have to go to the underworld." "The  Underworld? Why would you go there? It's pretty  dangerous, you never know what's in there."

“But the key to uncovering the secret of the Gears may be there. We should not hesitate to go there, because the danger is the same as waiting for it." "I have something to do in the underground fighting arena, right on the border between the surface and the underworld, so I'll follow you there." "What does you want, Chevaleresse?"

"Well, it's a secret! Well, don't worry about it." Saying this, Chevaleresse began to walk quickly. In the land of Aristella, the Twelve Sacred Knights are wary of the underworld. In the underworld, evil spirits of the mountains and rivers lie dormant, and in fact, ferocious creatures often come flowing in. 

For this reason, they have built a barrier to hold back these dangers. And between the barrier and the underworld is the underground fighting arena of the valley of the chasm. After a few days of travel, they arrived at the underground arena, where they decided to split up for the time being.

"Be careful, I have heard that this place is quite barbaric." "Don't worry, I am much stronger than you. Be careful, Aristella. You should hire a guide and don't go out alone. Especially in the underworld, where you've just entered, there are rumors of legendary vampires." "Yeah, I know." "Bye!"

With that, Chevaleresse went deeper into the underground fighting arena. "Is Alpha here?" Chevaleresse asked the receptionist, a large, well-trained man as if she he knew Alpha, but the receptionist felt it doubtful and said. "He is a V.I.P., and we can't let him meet with anyone we don't know who he is."

"What do I do if I want to see him?" "Win the battle here and win the tournament, I suppose. Well, that's impossible for you, little girl. There are other ways, you can use your body ...... whoa!" "If you want to be killed, then say it!" A murderous intent emanated from Chevaleresse. The big man at the reception desk understood immediately. 

No, it is better to say that he was made to understand that she was a predator with a clear difference in power. "I'm sorry." "Ummm, well, maybe I should join the tournament, my body is getting a little slow, so can I go right away?" "Yeah, but there is Leowulf, the undefeated fighter, and no matter how strong you are, you'll never beat him."

"Yes, that would be fun." Chevaleresse opened the door and threw herself into the cheers. "Mother would have done it much, much easier, but ...... I'm clumsy. Now, I have to be careful so that I don't kill opponents." At that time, Aristella entered the underworld. But there was no light reaching there, and the outlook was poor.

But there was a ray of light, one big tree. He had heard about it, that not far from the paramita of the dead in the underworld, there is a spiritual tree that controls the reincarnation of souls, which shines brightly and is a safe place in the underworld.

"Are you from the outside world?" He looked up and saw a girl by his side. "Who are you?" "I am Asuka, and I belong to the same family that has been guarding the graves here for generations. From here on, it is dangerous. It will be impossible to go on without a guide."

"Are you familiar with this world? I am looking for a guide." “No, I am only a guardian of the paramita of the dead. But just now, I know one person who is familiar with this underworld. He wanted to go to the surface world, so perhaps your interests may coincide. He is called a ninja, skilled in stealth, and comes from deep within this underworld. Hence, he may be able to guide us."

"It is a most desirable match." "But you should know that she seems to have escaped from her so-called hometown and is being hunted by a ninja who used to be her comrade, and I am sheltering her." "Can you trust her?"

"I don't know that, but rest assured, I will make a memorial service for you here, even if you die. Then you won't be a spirit wandering around an abandoned city." "Th, thank you."

The ninja sheltered by Aska was named Hyde. She was quiet and unfriendly (she used spiders, which Aristella thought was in poor taste, but did not say so), but she knew far more about this underworld than Aristella did. She said he was looking for the one who had killed her master, and that was why she had left her ninja village to come here.

"I don't know Wanderers' Castle ....... There are a number of uncharted lands in the underworld, a strange sea of metal, a ruined royal city where spirits wander, the village of Iga where gods come and go, but I've never heard of Wanderers' Castle."

"I see." "But there is one possibility, Void Planes." "Void Planes?" There, nothing is, and nothing happens. Hence Void Planes. But nothingness itself is unnatural in this underworld. Therefore, there may be something there. However, there is no one who says that something happened there or that they saw something mysterious. 

But if there is something that has never been seen or heard of, it must be there." "Will you guide me?" "Fine, but when this is over, take me to the surface. I have a mission. And for that, I need someone from the outside." "I will write you a letter of introduction. This will allow you free access to the Twelve Sacred Knights from the walls."

Hyde led him deeper and deeper into the underworld. The underworld was dark and no sunlight reached it, but a little moonlight shone through, illuminating the area in a magical way. It was somewhat nostalgic. At least, that is how it seemed to Aristella.

"Void Planes is just ahead. My guidance ends here. I am being hunted, and in this plain where there is nowhere to hide, my presence will be a source of danger." With these words, Hyde disappeared. The moon of Cocoon surrounds this world and shines its light. 

On Void Planes, is there anyone who knows the secret of "Gears"? He looked up at the sky, and before he knew it, the light of the moon was visible in the shadows. "I finally found you,Aristella." The shadow was a huge silhouette. In the sky floated a single "Gears" and a huge sword.