Attack of the Eins

Episode 134

"My name is Eins." The light of the moon was blocked by Eins and a huge shadow. Perhaps the moon's blessing did not reach its maximum extent in this underworld, or perhaps its power was blocked by a single "Gears" in the sky, but the moonlight did not envelop Aristella as it had for the last attacker. No illusory power appeared.

"I have temporarily blocked the moon's power with the power of the magic sword Laevateinn." As he said, the magic sword blocked the moonlight. "What do you want? Are you one of Gears who attacked my country?" "My purpose is to save this world."

"You're talking nonsense." "What do you know about it? The world can only be made right by better governance. But that can only happen with power. An ideal without power is a tragedy." Aristella takes up his sword. Now he must fight alone.

"Now that the moon's power is sealed, there is nothing you can do. You will die a miserable death in this underworld." I found ....... He is the conformist. ...... ...... chosen one for the moon, use ....this... "...... from where?" Aristella heard a voice.

Further out in the sky beyond this empty plain, from that supposedly empty space, another huge sword suddenly appeared, and before long, even more so, a castle was floating in the sky above it. The sword was shining with the same quality as that of Laevateinn, which floated behind Eins.

......Now, that's a holy sword...... ...... the sword of the devil, the counterpart to Laevateinn, the one that pierces......

...... its name is "Excalibur"...... "The abominable legacies meddle, or did you think I would give you that chance? Penetrate, Laevateinn!" Protect the ...... conformist, Excalibur...... Cutting through the air, Laevateinn came flying. Before it could reach Aristella, Excalibur took flight and pierced the earth to intercept it. 

A shield deployed around it and collided with Laevateinn. Sword clashed with sword, and the sword fight became a shockwave that was transmitted to the earth. The impact seemed to reach even the surface world. ...... conformist, get on with it......

"Ride? How in the world?" You wish in your ...... heart. You wish your own heart to the moon to save the world of this cocoon. ...... Aristella transformed that pure wish into an image. The world of Cocoon and the people of this world. 

Perhaps resonating with these thoughts, Excalibur transformed from its sword form into a giant humanoid machine, and as the light emitted from it enveloped Aristella, Aristella disappeared into Excalibur.