The Destruction of Laevateinn and a New Assassin

Episode 135

The battle was over in an instant. There is nothing a false demon can do to the awakened light... Like Excalibur, Eins mounted Laevateinn, which had transformed into a giant Gears, and swung a huge sword toward Excalibur.

However, the sword was broken in two before it could reach him, and the main body of Laevateinn was also split in two. In its wake was an afterimage of the light that Excalibur's sword had passed through. "Again, I will be defeated ...... Aristella.” Laevateinn split in two above the sky, and Eins was shot out by the impact and fell into the depths of the underworld.

Aristella asks the voice in Excalibur. "Can you please explain to me? What power is this? And who the hell are you?" ......We were once what we called observers, waiting in a corner of this world, hiding our existence. Waiting for the conformist to appear. ...... "What is the purpose of you people? Does it have something to do with Solaris?"

...... There is no purpose. All we can do is see where the world is going, but we know the battles of those who tried to protect this world. So we have connected the end of the world to those who can be trusted with the will of those who tried to protect it. And we have the power not to be interfered by the world, instead we do not interfere with the world.

But we interfered with you and the power was lost when you defeated Laevateinn. And Solaris knows that, too...... A castle in the sky, that is exactly what Falchion was talking about, a Wanderers' Castle.

The next assassin will come ...... soon. You will soon return to the surface world and ......

Before the words could be continued, a light lit up the sky. It was a flying object from far away Solaris. It was Gears in the shape of a giant scythe. That giant scythe severed the castle in the sky. It was as if the castle had been cut off from this world, rather than physically cut off, and the castle disappeared into thin air.

“This is what happens when we leave things in the hands of a useless guy like Eins." A voice was heard from the air. "New gear assassins...they arrived too fast."' Aristella had already left Excalibur and returned to the plain. It seemed that Excalibur had also already left this place and returned somewhere else. It seemed that this power would not last long. 

It seemed to be embodied by the power of the moon when the conformist called for it and when the power was sufficient. But if Aristella was attacked now, there was nothing to do. "Mr. Conformist. Don't worry. It's still just that scythe, and the main body hasn't arrived yet." "But don't feel safe." "I see." "Yes."

Suddenly, there were a boy and a girl by Aristella's side. The voices were the same voices that had been heard from the Wanderers' Castle. "Are you the ones who spoke to me earlier?" The voices should have been heard, but there was no response from them. All the while, they seemed to be observing the giant scythe Gears.

"That's the Death Scythe. I see they've salvaged something nasty again. Don't worry, conformist, the castle is gone, but it was destined to happen sooner or later. Don't worry about us, conformist. We'll take care of it, and you can go back to the surface world." "Back to the surface world?"

“Yes, Solaris is sending that master of Death-Scythe as an assassin. You will intercept them. We will launch the Sun of Megiddo to illuminate this underworld and protect Cocoon with powerful wards. It will be on your side and a threat to Solaris." Aristella still had a look on his face that said he had no idea what was going on. 

And that's just as well, because despite the fact that none of this is out of the ordinary, no detailed explanation has been given to him. "I don't have time to explain, or rather, it would take too long for you to understand, so I'll just introduce myself, I'm Refrain, and......." "I am Reflect."

The two tell their names to Aristella, both of whom look like they are satisfied. "We'll take care of the underworld, you go back to the surface world and prepare for the Death scythe attack. Once we launch the Sun of Megiddo, you will be able to use the power of Excalibur again.” “All right, let's do it, Reflect.”

“Are you sure you're ready?” “I'm fine." “I see.” “Yeah.” Then the two of them headed back into the underworld. "Reflect, if we talk too much, we lose our power, that's how we're made." "But..." "He'll be fine. You saw his eyes, didn't you?" "I know." "Yes."