The Sun of Megiddo and Melira's Report

Episode 136

"Falchion, I have news,!" MuMu, his assistant, delivered a letter to Falchion. It was a message from Melira, who had been dispatched to the underworld. Now, it had been more than a month since he had sent Aristella to the underworld.

Since then, something strange has happened. That is, a sun has risen to illuminate the underworld. This has brought light to the darkness of the underworld, and the world that had been shrouded in a veil of darkness has been revealed little by little. It seemed that Melira’s search was also progressing. There, in a high tension, she reported in a scribbled form

"This underworld is extraordinary! Well, I don't know where to start, but there are strange metallic life forms that seem to be able to share their abilities by merging with each other, and they seem to be different from that Gears, but for the moment, they are not harming us, so they may become our allies. 

Among them, I found a little, interesting legacy, a pretty girl, but she seems to have quite a few secrets, and I am now investigating her as a top priority! And the sun was rising and the ice was melting, and out of all this, a lot of dinosaurs were born, and it was a big mess! What was even more amazing was that the dinosaurs were led by a little girl. 

You might be thinking, "Why?" but I'd rather ask you! From the looks of it (from a distance), she seems to have a lot of power, so if we can speak well, she might be able to help us (let alone we can control her). 

I also found a place that looks like it might have been destroyed, a royal city, actually there was a battle between Gears, and I went to see where one of them fell, and there it was, the wreckage of Gears and a lot of ghosts! Scary! 

I was scared, but there was only one living person among them, and he said that he was a descendant of the royal family here, and that he found himself here. Oh yeah, there was also a kind ghost who was a nice young man. I don't know why he became a ghost, but he said he had things to atone for in this world. 

I don't know what his name was, D... Oh, hey, I got a report from the ninjas I hired, so I'll leave it at that! I'll report back! Oh, ninjas, well, I'll get back to you on that, too!" Falchion looked at the letter and thought to himself. It seemed that many things were changing in the underworld. 

In particular, the purpose of that sun's launch was a top priority and had to be considered. The important question would be whether that thing was an ally or an enemy. The light from that sun made sure that Gears were slowed down, so he didn't think it was an enemy. "Falchion!"

While Falchion was pondering, Aristella returned at just the right moment. "Aristella, did you find Wanderers' Castle?" "Yes, but Wanderers' Castle was destroyed by a Gears attack. I was able to see the observer who was inside." "I see! And what did you find out?

"They didn't tell me much, but I was led by their words to a machine called Excalibur, which I rode as a conformist. There is no doubt that this is an existence that can compete with Gears of Solaris. And I fought off the other Gears, Laevateinn."

"You mean the observer was hiding there the whole time?" Perhaps it is correct to say that they were watching, for by appearing on the surface, they too were interfered with by this world, and the castle itself was destroyed by new Gears as it had become a being capable of interfering. They also said that Gears would attack Cocoon any minute. We need to be ready to intercept it right away."

"OK, first thing....." It was then that the explosion sounded.