Twin Deathscythe

Episode 137

One huge scythe appears in the sky above the center of the city of Eternal, visible from the institute. It transforms into a huge robot, and one Gears rides on it. "My name is Sechs. First, let's take control of this place. Anyone who can hear this is advised to stay quiet."

A voice, inarticulate, could be heard. It is played by Gear's distinctive sound waves, probably to drive people into a state of fear. It echoed through the city in a way that made sense. ”They came so fast." “Aristella, if they attack us first, they'll do a lot of damage to this city. 

We'll damage them first, and even if we can't beat them, we'll keep them out of this city.”” “Okay.” “I'll go  first. Can you move Excalibur?” “Yes, I can.” “All right, let's go!” Falchion jumped out of the underground laboratory wearing a power suit. 

There, he was equipped with a large number of missile pots. Aristella realized for the first time that Falchion was a Justice. What he had to protect was this city. "These are expensive, though, I will use them all." From the missile pod, a large number of missiles rained down on Sechs in the sky. However, Sechs kept a relaxed expression on his face.

"Did you really think that would work?" Missiles rained down from all possible directions and exploded right in front of Sechs. The damage caused by these missiles was minimal, but it was enough to take away Sechs' vision. Then, Falchion flew at high speed and struck a blow to the body. 

This pushed Sechs out of the sky above the Eternal and out to sea. "I see, but there is no damage to me, and neither am I the one to miss the chance created by that action." Justice had created a good chance against Sechs due to the effects of his high-powered attack. Aiming at that point, Sechs swung down his death scythe.

"Going after me? That's what I'm aiming for! Aristella!" Falchion's true aim was to attract the attention of his opponent and create an opportunity for Aristella to attack. The only way to limit the damage to the Eternal and defeat the opponent was to fight in the short term. 

The longer it took, the more damage would be inflicted. It was a gamble, but it seemed to have won. "What are you doing, Sechs?" A second scythe appeared from the sky, severing space and nullifying Excalibur's blow. They manipulate one with two, and true power with two. The "Twin Deathscythe."

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