Ahat Chevaleresse: Underground Fighting Arena

Episode 138

In this underground fighting arena, the strongest and most undefeatable warrior had fallen down. "Leowolf was defeated in an instant?" Alpha's horrified words echoed through the underground arena. The hustle and bustle that had existed earlier was transformed into silence by a single red swordsman. 

The crowd that had created the frenzy and clamor had fled like spiders, and those that remained here, with the exception of Alpha, had become a pile of corpses.

“I didn't want to involve anyone else, but I'm not in control of this power either. Well, Alpha, I have a question for you. " “If Viga isn't out here...I've got a lot of ...... and a lot of money to pay for you. So just save my life!" "If you are a gambler, you know what the important thing is right now."

Alpha had never experienced such nervousness. He had always been the one to exploit, but now he had the feeling that he was being exploited by someone powerful. "The answer to my question is the most important." "Oh, I will answer anything that I know." "The one-eyed dragon left behind, now you have it, don't you?"

“The one-eyed  dragon? ...... the one that Viga defeated?  Wait for a moment." Alpha opened a drawer and took something out. It seemed to store miscellaneous junk there. "It looks like something of little value"

Alpha took out a pendant. The pendant was old and had the name of one of the Twelve Sacred Knights engraved on it, as well as the name of another who must have been engraved on it later.

"My dearest daughter, Chevaleresse." "You got what you wanted. Let me go!" "I don't care about you anymore, but perhaps ‘FÜNF’ will come here on the scent of death."

With these words, Chevaleresse walked out of the underground fighting arena. Then she looked at the sky. The sun in the sky was launched by Reflect and Refrain. It was a light that reduced the power of Gears, a sun created by a magical power, Megiddo. 

Chevaleresseunderstood the power it held. She did not understand who had created this sun, and what they were aiming at. But, Chevaleresse thought, the thing that gave Chevaleresse her "power" would also block out the light of the sun. Just as she thought, she looked up at the sky and saw that the sun seemed to be weaker. 

Like an eclipse, the sun was being overshadowed by an even blacker sun. The light was losing its power. "I will fulfill my purpose. Use me to that end, but let me use you as well." In the distance, flames and smoke began to rise in Solari. "Drei starts moving. The time of war is coming."