Drei Actor: Solari, Religious Nation

Episode 139

Drei Actor was born and raised in Solari, Religious Nation

His parents were devout followers of the Solari religion. Through their teachings, Drei Actor also became a devoted follower of the Solari religion. One of the teachings that stuck with him was that one day a savior would appear in Cocoon and purify everything in the world. A savior, it sounded sweet. 

His parents' strict teachings about him distorted his desire to save someone because of their strength. "It is an impossible wish for man to save everything." He thought he heard such a voice once, but Drei Actor could not remember whose it was.

One day, from a photograph hidden deep in a warehouse, Drei Actor remembered that he had once had a brother. His brother's name was Grecia. Before Drei Actor could grow up, Grecia had run away from home. Because he had doubts about the teachings of the Solari faith.

Even after he knew this fact, Drei Actor did not feel anything. It would not save anyone, that was all. Time passed, and Drei Actor witnessed an attack by the Resistance. The resistance attacked the church in Solari, and the Punisher intercepted them. During the battle, Drei saw who was leading the resistance. It was his brother, Grecia.

It was then that Drei Actor knew that his brother was alive, and that he was leading the resistance. For Drei Actor's family, it seemed like a deadly fact.... But this, Drei Actor thought, was a test to the Savior. Salvation requires trials and self-sacrifice.

He immediately ratted out his parents as "traitors" to the Solari punisher. This got them burned at the stake, but opened the way to a higher status for the Drei Actor as devoted followers who had snitched on them, even his own parents, as traitors.

But he was not satisfied. No, he was convinced that he was the savior, that he was the one whose heart had not been shaken in the slightest by the sacrifice of his parents.

He secretly contacted and "helped" the resistance so that the battle would be more intense and protracted. The longer the fight goes on, the hungrier the people become, and the hungrier the people become, the more they need to rely on someone else. And the people will be looking for a savior.

Of course, he could not have accomplished that alone. Without the teachings of Solaris, far ahead of him, the name of the god who gave him that teaching and power was called "Ulga". Ulga said, "When Magog rises, take control of this world. Then the path to salvation will be clear. I will give you the name of Drei, and you will be the savior."

Drei Actor saw the black sun in the sky and knew that it was "Magog" and that the time had come for the power that overflowed in him. 

He prayed to God in the cathedral of Solari. The time of salvation had come. "Worship me, people, and worship the Savior. I am the only one who can cure your hunger." With these words, Drei Actor looked out over the world. Then the doors of the cathedral opened. "What are you doing there?" There was Mika, and Jeanne and Cecilia, Solari's punishers.

"I am the savior. Nothing can stop me. Thank you. From now on, I will rule this place." "What are you talking about?" "We will take care of him." Jeanne and Cecilia move quickly. The punisher's ironclad rule was to immediately dispose of any unknown object.

At that moment, they saw someone entering from outside the window. A large hat and four swords. A red swordsman with an overwhelming presence.

"Do you need help? Mr. Savior." "Ahat, I don't need any help. I can take them. You can have a special seat and watch me." I'm afraid I don't have time for the theatrics of human life. You are going to the Eternal? I will meet you there. I need to do a thing" "I don't like you"

With that, Drei snaps his fingers. And out of the empty space, Wolf Gears appeared. "I hope I can see you again" Chevaleresse muttered, trying not to be heard.