DEATH WING FÜNF : The Ruined Nation

Episode 140

"Hahahahaha! The power of death is awesome! Receive my blessing!" Reinhardt had a string of mishaps.

He was a descendant of The Ethereal King. The Ethereal King appeared in this world in the form of manifestations in Reinhardt's body, and when this happens, the spirits that used to serve him come to the king in large numbers. The spirit bodies were perfect as a force for battle, even as a crowd. 

Except, however, Reinhardt wanted to live quietly. Furthermore, as he was led here, he was in ongoing trouble due to the effects of his arrival. Specifically, a mysterious man dressed in black appeared and attacked him without question. 

He said something about a blessing, but it was clearly not normal, and that blessing seemed to be a curse, his words and attacks were not normal, and if not taken seriously, Reinhardt would not be unscathed. Still, Reinhardt was able to stay alive thanks to the spirits around him.

"Mr. Reinhardt, please step back for a moment. That blessing smells like death. And then there's the smell of Solaris also." The good news was that there was a sensible prince among the spirits. The spirit that has recently appeared is helping Reinhardt with sound advice. "Now, how do we fight it off? It's going to be difficult to defeat it completely. ......" His name was Dexia.

"Mr. Reinhardt, can you be The Ethereal King?" "Yes, although I'm reluctant to."

"The guy has an obsession with death. Taking advantage of this, Mr. Reinhardt will become The Ethereal King and attract his attention. Then I will strike him a blow. The source of his power is the almost immortal power he gets from Solaris, but because of that, he has no idea about defense. I would be able to temporarily cut off Solaris' power. 

I understand their structure reasonably well." "I guess we'll just have to bet on that." Reinhardt squeezes out his voice with a sigh. "I'm not in the mood, but ......" Saying this, Reinhardt thrust his sword into the ground. Long ago, this land was a royal city. 

The king of the time had performed a ritual to prolong his life, which had failed, and the curse of it had made this land a land of death. The king was not a fool, but rather a wise king, and his vassals and people were fascinated by him. Hence, it was the will of the vassals and the people that caused the wise king to perform that satanic ritual when he fell ill.

By that curse, the Wise King, as The Ethereal King, has his soul bound to this land. Along with his vassals and people. Reinhardt, a descendant of a distant land line of surviving royalty, can draw on that memory. "Hahahahaha! What are you doing? I am the messenger of the Fallen!

Mighty, invincible, and strongest, I am! Oh? Your form is exactly what I have been seeking! The manifestation of death, and the nation of spirits, Hahahahaha! That is exactly why you deserve to be ruled by me. I will make this my citadel, and I will show you how I will rule this world. ...... Agh!"

The body of the black-robed man bends heavily. The sword was a blow from Dexia's sword. The sword had the same shape as Aristella's. “Hahahahaha! Blessed by Satan, my body has no such thing ...... damn, what the hell is going on? My body doesn't work properly." "It seems your mind and body have been contaminated by Gears."

This DEATH WING FÜNF is not feeling well! Hey, let's back off for a second. What's your name?" "Dexia." "I'll remember that, and the next time I see you, I'll kill you!" "My last time is over. For me, this is only a time of atonement ......, but I'm not going to let you beat me."

The man wearing black robe, who called himself FÜNF, said these words and left. The sun in the sky had turned black without them knowing it. No, it was not discolored, but a black sun had overshadowed the original sun. "Can you explain that to me a little?" asked Reinhardt, who has returned from his Ethereal King form.

"I was once born in this world and became something that sword revenge against this world. I think that my resurrection here is an opportunity for me to make amends, to play a role. That is why I am going to go there. To Eternal, where Aristella is." "You are going to Eternal?" "Yeah, that's where my twin brother is. He must need some help. And I'm also worried about that FÜNF.

He benefited from the power of Solaris, a power far more powerful than anything I know of." "It sounds like you have a deeper story to tell. I'll go along with you. It is dangerous for a spirit to travel alone. "Hahaha, yes. Thank you." "But I'm not in the mood....."