Serenade Vier : Eternal, Artificial Archipelago

Episode 141

Now, Aristella and Falchion were engaged in a battle against the twin Deathscythe. The battle had been going on for several hours and had entered a stalemate. The twin Deathscythe has the power of rejection. Against the power of Cocoon, it was strongly exerted. Due to its rejection, even the attack of the Falchion,

who had become Justice, could not reach the Deathscythe. Aristella's Excalibur Chronogear was now useless. The Black Sun was keeping its power in check. However, reinforcements were rushing to Aristella's side as well. 

Hyde, the ninja who guided Aristella through the underworld; Ki Lua, a visitor from the underworld who manipulates dinosaurs that had been sleeping in the glacier; T2, a metallic life form brought by Melira, and the mysterious duo Reflect and Refrain.

The reason for this is that Aristella had thought of something in advance and acted accordingly. It was to hold a "world conference" in Cocoon. Aristella felt the need to gather all the power of Cocoon, so he used the Twelve Sacred Knights's network to send a messenger to all parts of the country.

Reflect and Refrain,  who had given Aristella Excalibur, also joined Aristella at Eternal, but they did not say much yet. "Now, that black sun. It seems that our Megiddo has been sealed. Is it due to the Chronogear, the Deathscythe?"

"No, it's not. No, it is not. It is the presence of something more alien. If it was just the Deathscythe, our Megiddo was enough to deal with it." "I see." "Yes." The black sun. Since it appeared in the sky, the light of the Megiddo could not reach it, and the power of Gears was becoming uncontrollable.

And so it came to a stalemate. But the stalemate was broken by a melody that came from somewhere. It was a music that affected the spirit of everyone who heard it, as if it conjured up a scene that did not exist here. What they see is a sad, paradisiacal scene.

It is one of the essence of music to transcend all expression through hearing, but to dominate all human senses and show scenes in so many at once was something no one had ever experienced before. What the heck is this!" Ki Lua, who had never been involved with music, was blatantly surprised. 

Looking closely, it seemed to be affecting all the creatures listening to it. Even the dinosaur that Ki Lua had ridden on was bewildered and quiet. And even the twin Deathscythe's movement had stopped. “Even the Deathscythes, which are supposed to have the power of rejection, are being affected? What is this melody?”

Aristella looked up at the two Deathscythes. It was obvious to everyone that now was their chance, but under the influence of this melody, they were unable to move their bodies freely, and Aristella was no exception. “...... Are you sure this is what you want to do?“ Somewhere, the master of the melody muttered this directly into ...... Aristella's head.

At that moment, the red warhorse appeared and destroyed the Deathscythe with a single sword. It also cut both of the two Deathscythes at the same time. The Deathscythes fell into the nearby island of Eternal, raising smoke and flames.

"What?" Aristella was filled with astonishment. It was not that the Scythe had been dropped. The red warhorse must have been Chronogear.

When it broke free of its form, it reverted back to human form. It was Chevaleresse, whom he had left in the underground fighting arena on his journey. "Your time is over. Leave now, you clowns!" Chevaleresse sheathed her sword. The sword, which had sliced through the Deathscythes with such speed that there was not a speck of oil on it. "Chevaleresse!"

"......" Chevaleresse took one look at Aristella and showed a melancholy expression. But she did not answer Aristella's call any more. The black sun in the sky that covered Megiddo had an even more disastrous aura. Only the creator of this black sun, still beyond the universe, knows what its light is going to bring to this world.