Acht and Vier : Eternal

Episode 142

Far away in the direction of Solari, flames and smoke are rising higher. Acht Chevaleresse joined Serenade Vier after dropping two Deathscythes. She looks at the sword and says that it may have chipped a little ....... Serenade looks at it and wonders if they need so many swords in the first place. But she doesn't say so. Chevaleressehas an unusual obsession with swords.

"What happened in Solari?" "It's Drei. The child who thinks he is the messiah thinks he controls Solari. If it would save the world, there would be no trouble at all. The only time the so-called messiahs come in handy is in battle, when they are doomed to be killed in the end by the people who have come to their senses." "You are pessimistic."

"Life is full of tragedies, only they are comedies for others. And they call it harmony." "......Yes" "It's about time, Ulga is coming. The black sun is the symbol of Ulga's power, and as proof of this, our power that we get from him has also been strengthened dramatically. 

Your melody also now exerts enough influence to stop many creatures and Gears." "What is Ulga's purpose? I know his cold, mechanical, chilling voice, but..." "What I do know is that he has been in contact with something that has negative feelings and strong desires for this world. The first contact he made was with a Drei Actor. 

The fact that the country of Solari had close relations with Solaris may also have had an influence, I'm just speculating from here." Chevaleresse 's eyes became sharp with thought. She has faith and is lending her strength to Ulga. She is not like Drei Actor who pretends to be the savior or the madman DEATH WING FÜNF.

"Ulga is an entity seeking to destroy Cocoon. Instead of giving us the power to fulfill our desires, he offers us an equivalent exchange that will bring chaos and confusion to this world. The trade-off is the threat of death if we betray Ulga. I will use this power to go my way. But it is also an equivalent exchange for my future."

"Yes, I will lend you my power. I despair of this world, and it is you who gave me light" The black sun in the sky was gaining a disastrous glow. "How did you destroy those two Gears? They are allies of Ulga, and in the camp of Solaris, are they not?"

"The contract with Ulga does not include a fight with them, and Ulga probably doesn't even recognize them as strictly 'allies'. So we wanted to keep the irregularities out of it. Besides, they are not strong enough to play the role. And ......" "And?" "I don't like them."

"Hmmm......... I agree. I like flowers, trees, plants, songs, birds, but I don't like Gear, I just don't like people any more. So what are we going to do now?" I'll wait for Ulga. Now that the Deathscythes have fallen, Ulga himself will have to come to us." "That was your plan, wasn't it?"

"That's part of the plan. There are many ways to destroy the Deathscythes. My mother taught me to have multiple aims and to be prepared not to miss, and she always hit everything without fail."