Deathscythe Restoration : Misty Isle, Island of the Mumu Tribe

Episode 143

The Two Deathscythes destroyed by Chevaleresse landed onto an island inhabited by Mumu tribe. The cockpits were heavily damaged, but other parts were intact. Falchion had visited the island of the Mumu tribe. He thought that if he could analyze the Deathscythes, he would be able to break out of this situation.

”It is not a small matter of expediency that these have been dropped on this island. I wonder what we can do with them. ......" "Falchion, do you have an idea?" The assistant of the Mumutribe asked. "Oh, I'm sorry. How's the status of the Deathscythe?" "We're learning a lot. 

The memory inside the Deathscythe is still alive. I've analyzed it a bit. Gears are powered by energy pouring down from space. If we can cut it off first, we can weaken its interference with this world." The Mumu tribe is a special race, but many of them specialize in one art or another. 

The analysis of the Deathscythe, and, to the extent possible, the repair of it, was done with the help of the Mumu tribe. This was written in my grandfather's research notes, which were left behind. “If anything goes wrong," he said, "you can count on the Restoration King of the Mumu tribe. "Is that possible?"

It's possible. The Deathscythe has the power to cut off Gear's power supplies. So if we can restore this Deathscythe and get someone on board, it's theoretically possible." "Can you restore the Deathscythe? "That's possible, too. Of course, it is not easy. But it is possible if you ask the Restoration King. 

It is very neatly cut. I can only think that whoever destroyed it did it on the assumption that it would be restored. If they only eliminated the pilot and dropped them on this island so that they wouldn't damage the others, that's a hell of a feat of skill. I don't think they intended it at all"

"All right, once we get as much information out of the memory as we can, we'll restore this Deathscythe and make it usable. What are the conditions for piloting this thing?" "It's pure Solaris Gears. Even if it works, it probably needs to be Gears in order to link with this." "I see. I'll think about it. I'll think about it. You take care of the restoration." "Got it!"

On the Eternal side, there seemed to be no movement. The ones that dropped the Deathscythes also seemed to be waitingfor something. Falchion thought to himself “it would be better for us if we had more time, and until then, we had to prepare as much as possible.”