Ulga Attack: Eternal

Episode 145

The sky was trembling. "......! Serenade, come closer! You'll get dragged into it!" At Eternal, Chevaleresse and Serenade were waiting for the right moment, but it happened suddenly.

A huge white dragon appeared from far above in space. The dragon, whose shape and even existence could not be confirmed until a few moments ago, seemed to appear at an incredible speed. Chevaleresse saw it and immediately created a barrier with her sword. "This is improvised barrier, but hold on ...... "

The dragon roared and began dropping huge meteorites from space, like meteors, into Cocoon. The impact was chattering through the atmosphere before reaching Cocoon. "Serenade, get behind me!" "Yes!"

Serenade hid behind Chevaleresse. Although Serenade is also gaining strong power, she is a type of person who builds her magic gradually, so she would not be able to withstand the impact of this meteorite. A strong impact strikes Chevaleresse 's barrier. The meteorite of that impact, each one of them was Gears. 

The fragments of Gears were coming down in unusual quantities and with extraordinary power. "Ulga, he's relentless. If even we are going to die from this, he doesn't need us, or perhaps he no longer cares as long as he gets what he wants. Eternal was also threatened by the falling meteorite.

It was Reflect and Refrain that saved it. "I guess we have to do it." "We have to do it." "I see." "Yes." Reflect smashed the piggy bank of magical power, muttering, "I've been saving it up for a long time." With that, a huge barrier of magical power is formed. 

It thereby forms a shield that protects the entire Eternal. But still, several meteorites break through the barrier and fall into the Eternal.

A huge explosion echoes through the air. It was only after the meteorites had rained down for several minutes that it subsided.

Complete collapse was avoided, but the damage to Eternal was also significant. Furthermore, Gears that were dropped as a meteorite began to move with the help of the black sun. The other members who had been summoned to the World Congress were occupied with dealing with it.

Then, as the black sun in the sky shades even darker, a single shadow appears from behind the dragon. "I am Ulga. Together with Magog the Black Sun, I will regenerate this world and embody Ark, the Creator of Solaris."