Ulga: Eternal

Episode 146

Aristella was in the midst of chaos. The destruction of the Deathscythe, the fact that the person who destroyed it was Chevaleresse, who had borrowed the power of Gears, and the appearance of a new enemy that appeared with the meteorite. He had not been able to sort these things out, either circumstantially or emotionally. 

He had no idea what to d “What should I do ......?" he asked himself hopelessly The giant enemy that appeared, Ulga, looked around as if taking in data. "Aristella!" Falchion, who had gone to check on the Deathscythe, returned to the battlefield. "Falchion, what should we do?"

"We have to do what we can with the situation we face. But the first priority is to finish him, the source of the power. While I'm holding him off, you need to figure out a way to get out of this situation. I have a plan, but now is not the time." With these words, Falchion became Justice and confronted Ulga. "The Sword of Progression...... First Gear."

Ulga takes out his huge sword and shoots down the missiles released by Justice. Then he unleashes a shockwave in return, which Justice dodges just in time. But Ulga's power is immeasurable. It was the result of unlimited magical power supplied by Magog, the black sun in the sky.

"The Sword of Progression _...... Second Gear" "Hurry up, Aristella." Falchion was beginning to feel the overwhelming power difference.