Aristella, Chevaleresse: Eternal

Episode 147

Aristella kept thinking, but the situation won't wait. He had to think of a solution to the threat that is approaching every moment, and he had to move. Then, Chevaleresseappeared in front of Aristella. Chevaleresse swung her sword at Aristella, and Aristella caught it in the nick of time.

"The first thing to remember is that you must never let your guard down, no matter who you are dealing with. Didn't your mother teach you that?" "What are you trying to do, Chevaleresse? I don't know your purpose! What will happen to this Cocoon?" "If we don't do something, Ulga will destroy it."

The sound of swords and sword blows echoed around the area. "Why did you take on Gears power!" "My mother was everything to me. But you don't need to know how I feel ...... right now. But I will take care of all the karma I have created. Aristella, so don't worry, just get some sleep, and it will all be over."

Chevaleresse 's sword swung down, and Aristella lost consciousness. At that moment, Aristella thought he heard another familiar voice.

To be Continued to Hero Cluster Chapter 4